Love The Small

Sep 5th 2019

Love The Small

What makes the house a home is the people that live inside it. As we move through each day, the dishes stack up, meals are cooked and the morning alarm sounds. What can you do to simplify making your house feel homey, comfy, and cozy?

Some basics are obviously baking cookies, however, some days don’t allow for the time or-the calories! We encourage you to take one room at a time. Reevaluate your decor that you already have and consider changing it up if you’re growing tired of your spaces. Adding a simple throw and coordinating pillows can add texture and warmth to any room.

Light a candle and re-evaluate your home. Pull in a few pieces that are from other rooms and change things around to bring life back to a tired space.

Throwing in a few green florals can also bring vibrance in life- succulents are simple, easy and great looking all year long. Lastly make an effort to create spaces that you and your family will feel a sense of togetherness- a reading nook with plenty of pillows, grandmas antique side table with a puzzle, or a corner wicker basket for floor time Lego fun. Enjoy your home and those within it.

-Love the small